Laurent Schark Feat. Jerome Mr. J - Right Move CONTEST



Dear Contestants,

Funkytronik Music, the Dominium Team and Laurent would like to THANK YOU a lot for making this competition a massive success. We didn't except that many submissions and entries, and we listened to every single of them we received. We can announce we chose 6 remixes which will be part of the official release. Each winners will be contacted separately of course. We also decided to comment the TOP 15 remixes. The 6 winning remixes, and another 9 with our comments.

#1 Ex Aequo - Martin MILLER, Elouen VAAX

Martin MILLER Remix : Martin delivered a powerful progressive house remix we loved from the very first seconds. Excellent quality of mix, respect of the tone, and very original. Congratulations Martin !

Elouen VAAX Remix : Another club-targeted prog house remix. We loved the work on the instrumental, structure. We can already imagine ourselves playing this track in clubs. Well done !

#3 Tom FRAMPTON Remix : Tom delivered a solid house remix inspired with mainstream beat and sound design, along with a good mixing quality. We're happy to have his remix onboard which covers the UK house genre on its own.

#4 Norm Vork Remix : What can we say on this remix ? Norm went Disco ! The track is not the best in terms of mixing, but it was good enough for us to make it win, as Norm did a VERY original and amazing on old-school disco production. The originality of Norm's remix was the criteria we kept in mind.

#5 Spaneo Remix : We chose this remix for the sound design. Spaneo had participated to a few competitions led by Dominium Recordings, and this remix showed a big improvment in Spaneo's sound and ability to structure a club track. Along with a good sounding quality and real originalty in Sound Design, this is a keeper ;)

#6 Evan C & Greg Hausmind Remix : Evan C & Greg Hausmind hooked up together to deliver a solid EDM (but not too much ;) ) remix we decided to keep among the winning entries. The mix quality is good enough. We may have liked more originality, but these two guys did a good job (mix, structure) and cover the electronic genre which, we thought, was not widely represented in this contest. they did well in using the vocal parts. Well done guys.


Your remix will be featured in the upcoming single release, along with the official remixes by Kitsch 2.0, Leeroy Daevis, Jean Cortez, Fabrice Potec and Gucci One.


The remixes we liked, but which will not be part of the release (no particular order) :

Only One Remix : This was a solid remix and production. The vocals parts were sometimes misplaced but always in the beat. Respect of the tone was here as well. We were not sure about the energy of this remix, with a MIDI-sounding sax. The instrumental is perfect for a summer song on radios though.

C-1 Beatz Remix : the production was interesting, will original ideas, however the instrumental was way out of tone.

Tarik TB Remix : Interesting ideas on this one as well. We believe the instrumental on its own is a great track. However it didn't fit the vocal parts in the structure and energy. Tarik is a talented producer and should focus on more production in the same direction !

DJ L.A.M.C Remix : This remix was close in the top 10. Good quality of mix, solid structure. We will watch this remixer very closely as we really liked his remix. We wish we could include his remix in the release !

Radio Illuminati Remix : This remix was one of the most original entries we received. However we also had to focus on mixing quality, structure, and put ourselves in the position of Djs. We liked the musicality of this remix, but we were missing a strong "in your face" remix we were sure to place in a release.

E39 NYC Remix : This one was in the top 15 remixes we selected. The only issue we had on this one was "too much vocals!". We guess E39 NYC enjoyed playing with the ab-lib parts we provided, but enjoyed them too much ;)

Josh Middleton Remix : We were kinda of frustrated when we listened to this remix, as the instrumental was really original but didn't respect the tone of the vocal parts. Solid mixing work, but the lack of accuracy in the tone left this remix behind. Good effort of original from Josh though.

Truman Remix : Truman did an interesting job on his remix. Very melancolic, nice melodies, etc... But he placed the vocal parts off beat in the drops. Added to that a lack of mix processing. However, this remix is unique in its genre. We feel Truman focused a lot on melody. Same as DJ L.A.M.C., Truman is a composer we will keep on watching closely.

Risca Remix : Powerful remix, big room beats, nice sounds. It just didn't match the original tone of the vocal parts. Risca can use his instrumental and make an original track our of it. It's a solid EDM production !


Thanks a lot to everyone who participated !
The Dominium Team